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How do you know a school is the right place for you to work?

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  • How do you know a school is the right place for you to work?

    Hi everyone, we recently published a blog on how schools can improve their vacancy advertisements and better attract staff. We'd love to hear your views as teachers- what attracts you to a school job and what turns you off applying?
    We are all aware of the current difficulties in teacher recruitment. We’re in the midst of a teacher shortage with less new trainee teachers being recruited and more experienced teachers leaving the profession year on year. In the current climate, schools are finding it more difficult to fill roles and are becoming increasingly reliant on …

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    I find that school job advertisements online are usually very unappealing and repetitive. Many of them are almost identical, just copied and pasted text from one vacancy to the next. It does make them feel quite impersonal and often don't really jump out to you.


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      A job advert can be as imaginative and unique as you want but nothing beats visiting the school yourself and getting a good feel for the place. You'll know in your gut if it's the right place for you.
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        That's true. I interviewed at two schools for a similar position. One offered slightly more money but I actually went with the other one purely because I felt, when I was walking the corridors, that it wasn't the right place for me. They didn't seem to have the time for me, they were quite rushed and didn't seem to be properly taking on my questions. However, the other school made me feel so much more welcome.

        The staff room is also a good indication of a school's overall environment. Look at how the teachers interact with each other. A school with a negative work environment will show through in the staff room!


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          I'm not sure that it's always about how well a school fits you. I think you also have to adapt to the school.


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            I think the point is that you can be miserable in one school and thrive in another. All schools are different. Yes you have to adapt to your work environment but you shouldn't have to struggle in a place that doesn't suit you. Schools should make an effort to keep their staff happy and be an appealing place to work. That's what will shine through for teachers applying.